Dear fans and subscribers of one2ninety,

We want to inform every one to take note of our policy updates.
Some few changes have been made on our subscription packages.
More will be updated as at when it is ready and necessary.

We are doing our best to secure more winnings from the lottery companies that have been taking us for a ride for far too long.

Thank you.


One2ninety Inc

4 thoughts on “POLICY UPDATES”

  1. please i have read the packages to each country but am not all that clear about the subscription. in which way i will be sure that what am doing is genuine. and steps to be a member

  2. Je voudrais remercier tous les responsables de la structure One2ninety pour leur sens de la responsabilité et la qualité du travail abattu. Cependant, je voudrais savoir à quel moment les nouvelles conditions devront-elles s’appliquer?

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