Dear 2sure extra fraternity of One2ninety!

*SPO* means Special Order.
If you are a 2SURE EXTRA subscriber, you are qualify to participate on SPO.
This is due to the *constant monitoring* and reselling of our forecasts.

We know there are some subscribers who are *re-selling* our forecasts on social media. Some even claimed they are staff of *ONE2NINETY!*

When ever a plan is being abused and over staked, the probability of it dropping into win is lesser.

*Mr Shiva* and his *2SURE EXTRA FRATERNITY* often gives signals on *SPO* for those who WISH to stake this 2sure through our agent.

You send us the amount you wish to stake and our agent will stake it on your-behalf.

The soft copy of the ticket is texted to you exactly *6:30 pm gmt (After NLA TERMINALS ARE CLOSED).

By so doing, you cannot re-stake it or re-sell it .

When the results comes and we win the SPO, we will redeem the winning tickets and send you your win via *MOBILE MONEY (GHANA and IVORY COAST SUBSCRIBERS)* and Bank Deposit (Nigeria subscribers)

*Note* that, *SPO* is never by-force ,

All the normal forecasts will be delivered as scheduled to all active subscribers on file.

*SPO* is not fixed, it is random especially when *Mr SHIVA* sees serious keys and does not want it abused.

CONTACT: Whats app: +233548762716