Benin Star Lotto 2nd Draw Results for Sunday 1st December 2023

Benin Fortune Lotto Results for Thursday 16th March 2023

Congratulations to the 2SURE EXTRA FRATERNITY
34-79 BLOWN
added with 86.



Banker 08 BOOM

28 Played 29.

WIN: 38-29-42-40-(08 Bnk)




86 BOOM,
28 Turned to 82.


34 BOOM,
79 BOOM.

WIN: (86)-(79 Xtra)-01-82-(34 xtra)


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Your matrix fills based on your enrollments,
Their enrollments, and
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NIGERIA Premier Lotto Results for Wednesday 15th March 2023

Congratulations to our fans in Nigeria,

43 BOOM,
03 BOOM.



Banker 62 Countered to 17.
70 Played 71.
11 Ended in machine.

WIN: 88-71-17-33-28
MAC: 32-21-51-05-(11)



WIN: 56-90-68-20-85
MAC: 58-17-18-31-88


Banker 85 Turned to 58.

WIN: 58-41-61-32-11
MAC: 46-04-08-27-33


43 BOOM,
03 BOOM.

WIN: 04-22-(43)-89-(03)
MAC: 21-42-01-79-81


Banker 34 Countered to 79,
75 Ended in machine.

WIN: 44-56-79-50-08
MAC: 36-(75)-26-35-03

NIGERIA Golden Chance Lotto Results for Wednesday 15th March 2023



WIN: 79-53-22-05-49
MAC: 45-33-57-50-48

57 BOOM.

WIN: 25-76-24-62-(57)
MAC: 73-72-29-52-06


WIN: 88-02-17-68-36
MAC: 35-53-72-58-19


WIN: 18-52-05-39-82
MAC: 20-43-23-26-41


WIN: 08-10-23-48-14
MAC: 46-66-58-24-78


WIN: 19-73-32-47-79
MAC: 71-20-74-41-49

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