Fathers Day BOOM BOOM!🔥

Fathers Day BOOM BOOM!🔥

Dear fans and subscribers of ONE2NINETY..

Tomorrow is Fathers day and we are poised to SHAKE THE MACHINES TODAY to enable us have a memorable day..

Though it is tagged FATHERS DAY but at the end, it is the FATHERS that still take every one out..

It is our wish and prayers to secure more wins on all out works for today.

This week, UK49, BENIN, and Ghana NLA all were hit with wins and we pray today such replicates and also on the the dreaded TOGO LONATO machines.


We are confident WE WILL BOOM TODAY so rest assured and stake WISELY.

We will drop a copy on our website few minutes before official closings for those who do not wish to subscribe to our analysis.

May the Almighty father for all fathers grant us favor today.

Cheers in advance.


One2ninety Group.

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