Dear fans of One2ninety,

We have received unconfirmed mixed reports that the Ghana NLA machines will effectively from 1st November 2016 be closing by 16:00 GMT (4:00 PM GMT)

Please take note and always stake your games on TIME!!!

We at one2ninety have also rescheduled and forecasts and blasts VIP PLAYER forecasts by 12:00 noon and 2sure extra by 2PM GMT.


So far as the so called LEAKED Games are concerned, we will continue to blast to all lur subscribers ANY time we receive any hint regardless of the number of times we receive ..


We believe it is a wake up call and and good move by Ghana NLA to curb the operators of BANKER 2 BANKER in the country Ghana.

In view of these actions by GHANA NLA, we believe these actions won’t do any good to NLA because, they NLA must sit up and make sure there is enough availability of their machines across the country. the machines should be serviceable, these challenges are big problem to NLA. They must admit it.

As for legally registered private lottery bodies e.g. GOLDEN CHANCE LOTTO, PREMIER LOTTO, 9JALOTTO, SKY TOUCH, etc… They are not operating in Ghana so NLA will surely have problem getting at them.

Most of these PRIVATE LOTTERY bodies are partly Ghanaian owned in across West Africa and they pay TAXES and abide by the lottery rules of their respective countries…

As the the times passes by, things change and we must get used to it and move along…

We wish all our fans and susbribers alike the best of LUCK.

~One2ninety Group~

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