TIPS on how to ALWAYS win lotto.


Good Morning every one,

For a while now, our attention has been drawn by one of our DIE hard follower and subscribers to our forecasts,

His report was so interesting.

According to him, He wins our forecasts almost every day but we do not win daily.


We always give 5 numbers for each games.

He makes them 20 numbers and perm them and at times, he scores 3 to 4 numbers out.

This is how he does it, He adds and subtracts 1 from each of the numbers then turns or counter them. thus making 20 NUMBERS at times, it is 18 or 19 Numbers.

Here is the catch, Evey one want to win big and thus loose it all.

E.G our forecasts for GOLDEN CHANCE TANGO on the 24th November 2016


This is how he permed them:

52-07-17-77-59>53-08-18-78-60>51-06-16-76-58>62-32-14  (He adds and subtracts 1 then countered them) With this, he got 18 Numbers giving him 153 Lines. Lets say he staked at GH1 each, he spent GH153 and now the results 62-77-53 reported giving him Gh3  winning tickets so now you see, he didn’t loose it at the end of the day.

WIN: (62)-(77)-33-45-(53)
MAC: 78-11-(07)-25-47

NB: These analysis does not always fetch him wins but it is SAFER to perm.


One2ninety Team.


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