Winning Looms 26/6/2021

Dear fans and subscribers  of one2ninety,


We have delivered our forecasts on All Games to active premium members as well.

#3DIRCTS highly expected today









Please play cautiously.

Expect the BOOMS.

May the heavens smile on us.


  1. Hi,Am new here and you know there are a lot of scammers online i want you to clear my thought today this evening with ghana game which is NATIONAL game and i promise to always invite people to register with this pretigious company

    • We publish free forecasts daily except the PREMIUM GAMES.
      If you are not a premium subscriber, there is no way you will receive that.
      As regards the so called scamm as you claimed, I advice you do a research about ONE2NINETY.
      We have been online since 2013 and our track records are there for all to see.
      We publish SUNDAY GAMES FOR FREE
      UK49, USA, GHANA NLA, TOGO BENIN IVORY COAST etc games are strictly for subscribers.

      Nigerian , Sierra Leone Ghana PRIVATE inddoor games are always published daily for free.

      Have a wonderful day.

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