Please we want all subscribers to be patient.

If no alerts  received by:

Ghana>>>> 4:30 PM GMT

Nigeria>>>> 5:50 PM.

Send us text and we will respond.


Don’t waste your time calling us after 3:30 PM GMT

It will never be answered.  If you have problem regarding delivery send us a text message.


We are not responsible if you have P.H.C.N or DUMSOR problems or phone stolen or You traveled to your village  etc

Try to delete some messages from your inbox, REBOOT your phone and most especially, move from your  location.

We all know how these our GSM CDMA networks works here in WEST AFRICA.

May the heavens make us smile tonight. and also PRAY FOR US WE MAY BE PART OF THE BIGGEST JACKPOT WINNERS “USA POWER BALL” Which draws today.

Thank you for your time.

~I Guru Team~

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