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This is to inform all our fans and patrons about our Terms Of Service.

As stated in our terms and policy;

We are not endorsed nor affiliated with the lottery companies.

Each lottery companies both PRIVATE & GOVERNMENT are independent.

The aim is to make it possible for our fans to interact with other players.

With the emerging I.T age, it is time to connect fans especially in WEST AFRICA
and also throw more lights on these interesting games that are in the dark for decades.

One2ninety is simply a platform for alerting our patrons and fans who stake their favorites games.



We post our DAILY forecasts of NIGERIA , IVORY COAST, GHANA PRIVATE games FREE.

We also do analyses on the Ghana NLA TOGO, & BENIN REPUBLIC games and text the top 5 picks to all VIP PLAYER and 2SURE EXTRA sms subscribers phone lines.

Each subscriber stakes these picks on their own and chosen agent in their various locations. We do not see anything wrong in forecasting lotto.


With lotto, you either WIN or LOSE, THERE IS NOT 100% ASSURANCE THAT YOU WILL WIN.

We at ONE2NINETY, We DO NOT win or LOSE all the time.

Subscribers subscribe to our serves at their own faith.



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  1. my name is kingsley odili i transfered #2700 for top 5 this morning.pls when is myaccount activated to be receiving games

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