According to our delivery reports from our server, all RECIPIENTS have received their alerts.

Please be advised to send us a text ” NOT RECEIVED.” if you have still not gotten it.

Threatening us after results or demanding for REFUND is totally NOT ACCEPTABLE.

WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENS with NLA, giving us – or + 1 or turning as well as countering OUR TOP PICKS.

Tonight, all reading headed to an event and we pray we deliver 3 directs tonight.
Please take note.

For those who do ask why we do not use these words:


Tonight, you are free to respond.

NB: Take note of our D2(s) we’ve been releasing in since March 2016.
We always WARN, Lotto is not for children.

There is no such thing as 2SURE.
Plans can fail or delay.
DO NOT STAKE MORE than you cannot afford to lose.
Thank you.

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