Dear fans and subscribers of one2ninety,

Since 21st of APRIL 2021, we launched forecasting TOP10 NUMBERS PERMING.

We have received series of complains from fans that the 10 numbers perming is too much.

If you know how lotto moves, you will not think as such.
I do not know how long you have been staking lotto.

Since the resetting of the machine based staking, you will hardly hear anybody hitting 2sure to the tune of Gh500,000 at ago.

The machines are programed to always be smarter .
The more any set of numbers are over staked, the lesser the weight of such ball unless you stake such on different local agent and countries.

.Your reading plan will eventually play when ever it is less staked.


If you look closely, most players want to hit lotto heavy and eventually end up losing heavy.
We have researched that, the more you perm in lotto, the higher your chances of making profit.
10 numbers perming is 45lines. Lets say you stake @$1 each that is $45 for that. when ever 2numers reports, you get $240.

Now, record all your staking daily in the past and compare to how often you will win on the perm and see which is better.


In the case of UK49, since we began releasing 10 numbers perms, there is no week we never secured winnings, we won 2sure, 3directs, and even 5numbers all reporting.

The UK49 is the best because, it got maximum 49 numbers and minimum 7 WINNING NUMBERS so the chances of winning are HIGHEST.

No matter how good your reading plan is, ALWAYS make sure you perm then stake the 2sure separately.

We at one2ninety, there is no week, we have never won lotto, we always perm at least 15 numbers.



THE 5/90 ODDs are the most difficult and got the highest reading formats of draw per day.

Any set key that is over staked , the system will use its counter or any alternative format to draw.

The lottery machines will always make profit.


Please STAKE WISELY, and you will always make  PROFIT IN LOTTO.

Every number is good, there is no such thing as fake number or LEAKED number.

It is always our greatest wish and prayer that our fans and subscribers win with us

Have a wonderful adventure.

Eric Djirackor.