surprised results…
86 live.
@2sure extra,68 ended in mac

WIN: 13-19-(86)-55-36
MAC: 29-(68 Xtra)-09-56-71

2 thoughts on “Results (ghana) Fortune (10/10/2019)”

  1. Quite an age sir, you are welcome back after long months of silence. Your Organisation is one of the best in the world of lotto. Keep the flag of good work flying. Let us know your new term for subscription, and please let it be more economical because of the less privileged. Please, don’t forget the daily free games that usually expose your superiority over others in professional shoe. l hope your branch in Nigeria will function along soonest, Regards, Obaluyi Prince, lbadan, Nigeria.

    1. Thanks for the feed back
      We thank the heavens for the grace and directions.
      We have reduced the rates drastically and also we have been publishing our free forecasts games daily non stop.
      Be rest assured that we are now in full partnership with one of the worlds best betting company.
      We are now gone global and in few days to come, you will be able to stake most top lotteries and sport betting right there in your country.
      One2ninety Group.

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