The bankers getting turned and countered again today as well…

We advice all fans to stake wisely..

If you are really ready to win from the machines,
the BEST TIP is

COUNTER, TURN our picks
Most of them will be from 9, 10 to 15 numbers.
You will be sweeping minimum 2 to 3 numbers..
This is safer than losing it all every day…

Ghana MSP alerts loading…stay tuned.


80-35 turned to 08-53,
82 countered to 37.

WIN: (53-(37-42-20-(08
MAC: 14-38-44-33-05

58 countered to 13.

WIN: 41-08-06-(13-43
MAC: (24)-52-73-10-20

68 turned to 86.

WIN: 62-27-13-07-(86
MAC: 41-83-(22)-67-84

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