Sierra Leone Mercury_International_Lotto Results for Thursday 16th February 2023



WIN: 50-56-39-25-02
(E6-67, E7-73)
MAC: 63-29-79-44-40



WIN: 15-05-14-83-10
(E6-26, E7-47)
MAC: 88-32-54-35-65




WIN: 29-87-36-33-61
(E6-83, E7-28)
MAC: 60-(27 sbk)-08-04-11




WIN: 21-05-61-14-48
(E6-83, E7-60)
MAC: 16-03-81-70-62




WIN: 35-62-39-34-58
(E6-59, E7-81)
MAC: 54-36-(51)-88-80




WIN: 34-48-79-67-29
(E6-15, E7-14)
MAC: 11-55-40-85-57

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