How to Play a Lottery Syndicate with One2ninety.

What Is a Syndicate?
A lottery syndicate is a group of players who gather their money to buy loads of lottery tickets together, increasing everybody’s chance to win. You can play the world’s top lotteries in One2ninety syndicates

Why Play Lottery Syndicates?

Buy more lottery tickets for a fraction of the cost.
Guarantee better odds of winning the jackpot.


How It Works

You can play syndicates for the world’s top lotteries at One2ninety.
We select lottery numbers and buy batches of lottery tickets prior to each participating draw.

Based on your SYNDICATE PACK,
Our agent will stake it on your-behalf.
The soft copy of the ticket is TEXTED and a WHATS APP COPY to you exactly *6:15 pm gmt (After NLA TERMINALS ARE CLOSED).

By so doing, you cannot re-stake it or re-sell it .

What Happens When You Win
When your syndicate wins, One2ninety will notify you of the win and will ensure that you receive your prize.

via *MOBILE MONEY (GHANA and IVORY COAST SUBSCRIBERS)* and Bank Deposit (Nigeria subscribers)
REST OF THE WORLD (any method fits you)

Each player owns a share in the winnings proportionate to how much money he or she contributed to the syndicate.

Syndicate Terms Explained GHANA NLA GAMES
We have the usual 5 numbers and the 2SURE EXTRA.

Lines – The lines are the different number combinations that are bought for a syndicate.

These lines are bought by the syndicate for the upcoming draw.

What Different Types of Syndicates Are Available?

GAMES: Ghana NLA GAMES only.
BLOCK= TOP5 and 2sure extra.
21 lines @Gh1 each and 2SURE EXTRA @GH5.

1 BLOCK= GH26 Fixed.

1 DAY: (1 Block) GH36
1 WEEK: (6 Blocks) GH144
1 MONTH: (24 Blocks) GH540

GAMES: Ghana NLA GAMES only.
BLOCK: Just 2sure extra.

1 BLOCK= GH5 Fixed.

1 DAY: (1 Block) GH9
1 WEEK: (6 Blocks) GH36
1 MONTH: (24 Blocks) GH90

Guaranteed Number Match
With our records in the past especially on 2SURE EXTRA,
We believe the SYNDICATE will fetch more wins.