Just for laughs. Sent to us by A FRIEND.
It should be 3 years ago.
I wanted to buy phone at computer village in Lagos Nigeria & I have N13k with me.
As I was checking from one phone seller to another I head one bro from my back saying:
“bros yeh, you wan buy phone? Come buy this express music phone na,
very cheap & affordable with perfect functionality”
so I carry my leg go meet the guy!
I checked through the phone & it was working fine, I dialed some numbers & spoke with two to three people & it was awesome.
I stylishly asked the seller what the fault of the phone was & he said no issues at all & that he needs money to buy another phone.
I priced the phone & he said N8k, I was like “sho” but as a sharp guy ( I think I was ) I told him I can only pay N6.5k & at last he agreed.
I remembered I have been scammed one time like that at Oshodi where I bought a phone for N3.5k only for the guy to hand over a scrap to me & also called some guys to give me sweet slap to say the least so remembering that scenerio, I acted smartly this time (I think say I wise).
I told the guy that I will hand over the cash to him after he hands over the phone to me on the bike & the bike will take off to avoid a recurrence of what I experienced at oshodi.
He agreed & we called a random bike man. I climbed the bike, he gave me the phone & I gave him the money & zoom, I instructed the bike man.
After some distance, I looked back & I saw the guy smiling so I smiled back & also waved him with my 32 teeths widely opened.
Immediately I got to the bus stop at Ikeja under bridge, I entered sango bus direct & I was happy I now have a good phone for just N6.5k.
All this while I did not check the phone I was holding not until I got to iyana ipaja where I feel it is safe to check the phone.
I press the end call button but no light showed up, so I was thinking it must have been switched off by the seller.
So as I pressed “switched on button”, I noticed one white object popping out & I was like
“what is this?” I smelled it cos it stained my hand & I found out that it is “fufu”.
I opened the phone & saw how fufu was packaged as phone for me!.
The man sited beside me in the bus dey look me dey laugh.
I no fit talk self, I just jejely put the fufu powered phone into my pocket dey go house.
Na so them take sell fufu for me for N6.5k!!!
In life, there is no rush..
The very doubt that you constantly entertains will become reality.
When you CONSTANTLY ENTERTAIN EVIL thoughts, EVIL thoughts will dominant you.
Be positive, attract positive.
We @ ONE2NINETY are positive, and we believe we WILL WIN because we are confident.
Last week, one of our keys reported a signal key 45-60, so tonight, we are CONFIDENT for a break through.
All sms subscribers should standby for alerts on their phones by 2 pm GMT.
Have a wonderful day and be expectant for the breakthrough..
~One2ninety Team~

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