Today’s Games: Making it Happen

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.” –Amelia Earhart.



Good Morning, Fans & Patrons of One2ninety,

Happy Easter to all our Christian brothers and sisters..

As we celebrate the resurrection of our lords Jesus Christ, we pray we our hope and wishes resurrect with him.

We believe our efforts are never in vain no matter how long it may take, WE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN.


We are grateful to all our patrons for their TRUST, ADVICE, SUPPORT & PATRONAGE.
This week is OUR TURN to “GET PAID”

Have a wonderful day..

NB: Due to the Easter holiday, THERE IS NO GHANA MSP today!






Diamant ——–- Closing  11.00 am (gmt)



  1. Diamond ——–- Closing  9.15 am ( Nigeria time)
  2. Treasure ——–- Closing  11:00 am ( Nigeria time)
  3. People ——–- Closing  12.15 pm ( Nigeria time)
  4. Gate-Way ——–- Closing  3:00 pm ( Nigeria time)
  5. Bingo ——–- Closing  3.15 pm ( Nigeria time)
  6. Metro ——–  Closing  7.15 pm ( Nigeria time)
  7. Sunrise ——–- Closing  8:00 pm ( Nigeria time)
  8. International ——– Closing  10.15 pm ( Nigeria time)



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