Today’s Games: April Pay Month

‘Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows. It’s what the sunflowers do.’-One2ninety

 Good Morning fans & patrons,

Welcome to new month with new things.

The far you go the closer you get and the harder you hit, softer it becomes. Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. Believe it or not that is part of the game.

You don’t expect to loose always so winning is inevitable sometimes.

You learn how to cut down tree by cutting them down and by trying often the monkey learn to jump from tree.

Remember it MID-WEEK and this day is noted for it BIG WINNINGS. Today is no exception, 3DIRECT must fall!!!

Anything can happen today so WATCH OUT!

If ten cents does not go out, it does not bring in one thousand dollars.




ATTN: Few days from now, all fans and patrons will be redirected to for our main website.

Please stay tuned.





Benz ——–- Closing  11:00 am (gmt)



  1. Tota ——–           Closing  9:00  am ( Nigeria time)
  2. Golden Star Closing  11:00 am ( Nigeria time)
  3. Mak II ——–      Closing  12:00 pm ( Nigeria time)
  4. Supreme —       Closing  3:00 pm (gmt+1)
  5. Vag ——–           Closing  3:00  pm ( Nigeria time)
  6. Enugu ——–     Closing  7:00  pm ( Nigeria time)
  7. Bravo ——–-    Closing  8:00 pm ( Nigeria time)
  8. Lucky ——–      Closing  10.00 pm ( Nigeria time)



Mid-Week ——–- Closing  6:00 pm (gmt)


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