The mind is everything. What you think you become”.  –Buddha.”


Good Morning fans & patrons,

Thank God it is Friday.

We are so excited about today’s games and we pray LUCK favor us on all the games oday Especially KADOO, ALBRAKA & GH-MONANZA.

The KEYS on BONANZA is been monitored since 2009.  

Join us as we hammer the machines today.

A little effort and what seems like hopeless failure, may turn into glorious success. It is effort which matters most.







Kadoo ——–- Closing  7:00am (gmt)



  1. Royal ——–—— Closing  9:00 am ( Nigeria time)
  2. Champion ——–Closing  11:00 pm( Nigeria time)
  3. Metro ——–—- Closing  12:00 pm ( Nigeria time)
  4. Albarka ——–- Closing  3:00 pm ( Nigeria time)
  5. Gold ——–——Closing 3:00 pm ( Nigeria time)
  6. Jackpot ——–  Closing 7:00 pm ( Nigeria time)
  7. Star Light —– Closing  8:00 pm ( Nigeria time)
  8. Vag ——–——-Closing  10.00 pm ( Nigeria time)



Friday Bonanza ——–- Closing  5:10 pm (gmt)




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