Good Morning to every one,
Welcome to Monday,
Today, we are very excited about the new discovery we have detected on GH-MSP.
This movement is been set so far by LUCKY G, MIDWEEK, FORTUNE and Bonanza.
Now, we suspect MSP also entering that frequency and we will be giving it a shot.
All ACTIVE VIP PLAYER and 2SURE EXTRA subscribers should expect alerts on their phones as usual.
Last Saturday was a very sad one for us, we got tricked to abandon 28 which was a standby key.
According to our experts, 82 that played few weeks up should turn to 28 after 02 dropping at first box. So we expected 28 to play this week rather thus why we committed it and then the unfortunate happened, OLUNATIONAL released it.
Lets see what will happen on National’s next draw.
Say tuned for alerts.
Have a wonderful day.

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