Today’s Games: the BIGGER HAND.

“You are responsible for your life, and when you take responsibility for all your past mistakes, without blame, you change your life. ‪”-Thesecretbookseries‬.



 Good morning fans & patrons,



A baby Girl went to a shop with her
mother. The shop keeper looked at the
small cute child and showed her a bottle
with sweets… And said,

“Dear Child,
you can take the sweets”. But the child
didn’t take.

The shopkeeper was surprised Such a small child she is and
why is she not taking the sweets from the bottle.

Again he said take the sweets. Now the mother also heard that
and said, “Take the sweets dear”. Yet she didn’t take it.

The shopkeeper seeing the child not taking the sweets.
He himself took the sweets and gave to
the child.

The child was happy to get two hands full of sweets.

While returning home the Mother asked the child Why didn’t you take the sweets, when the shop keeper told you to

Can you guess the response?
Child replies Mom! My hands are very
small and if I take the sweets I can only
take few.. But now you see when uncle
gave with his big hands, How many more sweets I got!

When we take we may get little but
when Our Father in Heaven gives, He
gives us more beyond our expectations
more than what we can think of because His blessings are more better than we can even imagine.


* Always ask God what you want and wait for the
Lord to give you more!!

Heavenly Father, please bless the person reading this, grant his/her desires this year, wipe away every sorrow, shame, failure, untimely death, poverty, sickness from his/her life and
that of every member of his/her family.


Based on the movements and our keys used to win LUCKY G. last week, today, if care is not taken, WE CAN PRODUCE THE 5 NUMBERS.


ATTENTION: According to our forecasters, 95% of them agreed the plan will go. WE ARE ONLY STAKING FOR OUR PATRONS. Please take note. NO BEGGING, NO LONG STORY.



Please note that we are lottery retailers.
We stake our own games, we are not after reward.

Any time our forecasts drops, we win as well. PROMISING to give us reward is just does not make sense.

We have HIGH PROFILE and serious patrons here and the few ones we have we are content with their TRUST & PATRONAGE.

It is not by force to stake our games or stake through us. our aim is to make you stake your games regardless of where you are.

Lotto is a high risk business and is for the strong at heart, you WIN or you lose.

Always remember, NO TRIAL, NO GLORY but know your limit.


Have a wonderful day and expect MORE WINNINGS…





  1. Gold ——–——- Closing  9:00 am ( Nigeria time)
  2. Jamboree ——–- Closing  11:00 am ( Nigeria time)
  3. 06 ——–———– Closing  12:00 pm ( Nigeria time)
  4. Redemption ——Closing  3:00 pm (gmt+1)
  5. Jackpot ——– —Closing 3:00 pm ( Nigeria time)
  6. Club Master —-Closing 7:00 pm ( Nigeria time)
  7. Destiny——–- –Closing  8:00 pm (gmt+1)
  8. Super ——–—- Closing  10.00 pm ( Nigeria time)


Lucky Tuesday ——–- Closing  6:00 pm (gmt)


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