The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra-The Passage into the unknown.”–One2ninety.


Good Morning   Fans & patrons of One2ninety!

Today is another great opportunity for us to give a the games our shots.

Today, the earth observes the forth Blood Moon lunar eclipse, as predictions of all sorts are being speculated, we too are not relenting observing the movements of the numbers. 


The machines are programmed so sophisticated that, the more you try to read the movements, the deeper the numbers also reads you.

NEVER underestimate any number, all numbers are potentially good.

It is in our own interest and prayer that we win thus our patrons also have a cause to smile, take care of financial demands etc…..

Come along with us as we hammer as usual.

Today, we are applying entirely different formula on the numbers to see the out come.  Nobody knows…

we will WIN because we never give up trying..

Do not miss any of our games today..
come on board, lets push forward.

Have a wonderful day.

Thank you.




  1. King   ——–-   Closing  8.30am (Nigeria Time)
  2. BAZOOKA     ——–-    Closing :10:30 (Nigeria Time)
  3. Super   ——–-   Closing  11.30pm (Nigeria Time)
  4. SUN-SHINE   ——–-    Closing – 2.30pm (Nigeria Time)
  5. Club Master ——–-  Closing  2.30pm (Nigeria Time)
  6. Pr 06   ——–-     Closing – 6:30pm (Nigeria Time)
  7. THUNDER BALL ——–-   Closing – 7:30pm (Nigeria Time)
  8. Fair Chance   ——–-   Closing  9.30pm (Nigeria Time)


NB: Due to network delays and pressure, WE CLOSE 1 hr before the official closing of all games.

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