Today’s Games: The difference.

After the rain, there is a beautiful weather.” –One2ninety.


Good Morning fans & patrons of One2ninety.

We thank the heavens for the bran new week…

This week, we will be implementing the compare plans and see how the machines will responds.

All we want and pray for this week is MASSIVE WINNINGS.

We feel the pain of loosing, WE MUST BENEFIT from our efforts.

All we want our DIE HARDS to take note is “EXPECT  THE DIFFERENCE






Winning the lottery is very easy yet very difficult. Nobody knows when LUCK would knock. . One thing we know for sure is , because we NEVER GIVE UP, we can NEVER loose all the time. It is funny when we see people RUSHING to be part of the WINNINGS when they are NOT part of the STRUGGLE.

WE KNOW ALL OUR DIE HARD PATRONS who are constantly with us no matter the ATTACK ,INSULTS , TEASING & LOSINGS…

We have GOOD news for them this week. 







  1. Mark II ——–Closing  9:15 am ( Nigeria time)
  2. Best Chance ——–- Closing  11:00 am ( Nigeria time)
  3. Enugu——     Closing  12:15 pm ( Nigeria time)
  4. Better Life ——–- Closing  3:10 pm ( Nigeria time)
  5. Lucky——-    Closing 3:15 pm ( Nigeria time)
  6. Key ——–- Closing  5:00 pm ( Nigeria time)
  7. Express ———– Closing  8:10 pm ( Nigeria time)
  8. Tota———— Closing  10.15 pm ( Nigeria time)

 * NB: ( Nigeria time) is gmt+1  that is 1 hour ahead of GHANA time.

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